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Terms and Conditions

RegattaLets Terms and conditions


• As contact agent for home owner, the extent of RegattaLets responsibilities are as follows:
• Match Visitors with properties to let from database.
• Liaise with Visitors and home owner throughout the letting arrangement.
• Draw up and administer an agreement between home owner and RegattaLets.
• Draw up and administer a letting agreement between Visitor and home owner.
• Collect and handle all monies.
• Hold and administer the damage deposit and any maintenance bond.
• Arrange the collection and deposit of keys to and from Visitors.
• Act as an emergency contact between Visitor and home owner during let where agreed.


• Ensure the property is spotlessly clean and tidy before the let period.
• Remove all pets from the property.
• Ensure the property is safe and secure.
• Supply clean bed linen and towels for each Visitor booked.
• Have in place any pre-arranged additional bedding before the let period.
• Leave all services (electricity, gas, water, telephone) in an operating mode.
• Leave all appliances described in the property description in a safe condition and in an operating mode, together with user instructions.
• Report any damages or losses at the property during the let to RegattaLets within 24 hours of the end of the let period.
• After the 24-hour time period, deposits will be returned to the guests if no claims have been reported in this time frame. Not every property owner will be telephoned; it will be the owner’s responsibility to check the property, unless a responsible person has been appointed to check the property for you.


• Look after the property and all contents with responsibility and respect.
• Leave the property at the end of the let period in a clean and tidy condition.
• Leave the furnishings at the end of the let period in the locations they were found and in as good and clean a condition as found on entry.
• Not to bring any pets into the property without the Landlord’s prior consent.
• Strip the bed linen off the beds and leave the dirty linen and towels in a pile in one room.
• Agree to collect and return keys at appointed time and location.
• To report any problems with appliances found immediately. And to report any Losses or damages at the end of the letting period.


• Bookings are made in the following manner:
• A Visitor will confirm their intention to rent a property by paying 25% of the rental fee as a non-returnable advance payment.
• Both the Visitor and home owner then receive a booking agreement which they need to sign and return to RegattaLets.
• The balance of the Rental fee plus the damage deposit will have to be paid by the Visitor at least 8 weeks before the start of the let period.
• Should these monies not be received by RegattaLets by the date specified, the property may then be let to another Visitor, the original Visitor forfeiting the advance payment.


It is the responsibility of the home owner to ensure their property is safe for let and meets the required safety regulations. Special attention must be paid to gas and electrical appliances. RegattaLets will not be responsible for the health and safety of Visitors at any time.


All standard services such as electricity, gas, water are included in the Rental fee. Where there is a telephone it will be monitored and any charge due as shown on an interim statement provided by the telephone company will be deducted from the damage deposit.


The property will be left by the home owner in a clean and tidy condition, and it is expected for the Visitor to return the property in a reasonable state of cleanliness and tidiness at the end of the let period. Used bed linen and towels are to be left by the Visitor in a pile in one room. Full cleaning of the property before and after the let is the responsibility of the landlord.


A damage deposit will be collected from the Visitor with their Rental fee, at least 8 weeks before the start of the let period. The damage deposit will be held by RegattaLets and returned to the Visitor within 4 weeks of the end of the let period. From it will be deducted the Visitor’s use of the telephone, any cleaning services, losses and damages. The Visitor will be sent receipts for any deductions where applicable.


All payments should be made out to “RegattaLets” and sent to the address on the booking confirmation.


The commission fee is 10% due to RegattaLets from the home owner, not the Visitor. This is normally deducted from the deposit before being passed on by RegattaLets to the home owner



The agreed rental fee will be passed on by RegattaLets to the home owner, less the agreed agent’s commission fee and any maintenance bond of £250.00, agreed, about 8 weeks prior to the let.


Either the Visitor or the home owner have the right to cancel the booking for any reason
Cancellation by the home owner
• Full refund of all monies to the Visitor
Cancellation by the Visitor:
• Advance payment of 25% Non-refundable.

The advanced payment is non-refundable. Cancellations should be made in writing with sufficient notice such that Regattalets are then able to re-let the property for the entire period of the booking any refund will be dependent upon the level of rent achieved for the replacement booking. The same will apply if the rental fee is paid in whole with a 25% charge retained as a deposit for the owner of the property including agent admin fees.


Any refund due is payable by the party holding the rental fee. This is RegattaLets until the rental fee is passed on to the home owner, at which point any refund is payable directly from the home owner.


To draw up an inventory in a private home with many personal effects as well as standard furnishings is a long and laborious task for the home owner to compile and for all parties to check on start and finish of the let period. If you would require an inventory please contact Regattalets, if there is any need to take proceedings to the small claims court the full inventory would be very beneficial to your claim. Bearing in mind the market for yachting rentals, it is normally sufficient to rely on Visitors reporting any damages or losses to the property to RegattaLets during or after the let, and for the home owner to do likewise within 24 hours of the end of the let.


The home owner must provide RegattaLets with 3 sets of keys; 2 to be handed to the Visitors and 1 to be held by RegattaLets for any emergencies during the let. If the home owner is not returning to his property soon after the end of the let, they should advise RegattaLets so that an inspection of the property can be made to ensure it has been left secure. Should Visitors lose any keys, the home owner reserves the right to have the locks changed, the cost of which would be deducted from the damage deposit.


Booking Agreement - Visitor and Home owner
A holiday let booking agreement between the visitor and the home owner will be drawn up after the advance payment has been made by the visitor. This document will have to be signed and returned by both the visitor and the home owner, to RegattaLets who will then distribute signed copies to each party. The balance of payment is due not less than 8 weeks before the start of the let period.


If during a period of three years from the end of most recent letting, any Visitor makes a repeat booking with the homeowner either directly or through a third party and the property remains a client of Regattalets, then a fee of 8% of the gross rental fee for that direct agreement is due to be paid by the homeowner to Regattalets.


RegattaLets will endeavour to help resolve any disputes arising between visitor and home owner. Ultimate responsibility for any dispute, however, lies with these two parties and not with RegattaLets. Damage deposits are held by RegattaLets on behalf of the home owner. This means that, in the event of a disputed damage deposit claim, the claim would still be settled with the Landlord from the damage deposit by RegattaLets. It would then be for the visitor to make a counter claim directly with the home owner. Similarly, if the home owner makes a claim in excess of the damage deposit, they would have to do this directly with the visitors.


SHORT LET TERMS - continued for home owner only INSURANCE
Although a reasonable damage deposit is retained to cover any breakages or losses, it is highly recommended that the home owner inform their household insurers of the let. In this way, should damages occur beyond the scope of the damage deposit, and the Visitor refuses to meet the claim, the home owner may still be covered.


Should the home owner require RegattaLets to be responsible for any emergency repairs to the let property during the let, A maintenance bond will be held back from the rental fee. This bond will be returned to the home owner after the end of the let. Note: all information taken on all of the properties is accurate at the time of viewing.

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