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Information for Landlords

There are currently in excess of 200 properties in Cowes which are rented out during the major regattas in the Cowes area. Properties of interest are generally in an area inside Gurnard and Northwood. The intention is to provide a home away from home for the visitors.

What are visitors looking for?

In general visitors are either sailing in the regattas or connected with them. There is a common misconception that visitors are heavy partying males with little regard for the places they stay in. Nothing could be further from the truth. People who spend to stay in Cowes are serious about racing here. Early nights and a serious attitude are the norm.

Also many properties are occupied by families who treat the regattas as the summer holiday.

Finally there are regatta professionals, film crews, RIB drivers, organisers etc. who are here simply to work.

How many visitors can my house accommodate?

In general unless there are couples in the visiting group, each bed whether single or double counts as one.

Sofa beds and futons in lounges are not counted as full beds but may count as child or lower cost accommodation.

The number of bathrooms is often a limiting factor. We have a rule that the maximum number who can share a bathroom is 6.

The best way to sort out the accommodation profile is to give Andrea a call so she can come and have a look. We will then prepare details which you will have every chance to amend, and then we can post them on the website together with photos if you are happy with that.

How much am I likely to receive?

The basic method of working out the cost of properties is on a per head per night basis. Large properties close to town carry a premium, and the closer you are to the Marinas the better.

Prices vary from 25 pounds per head pre night to 60 pounds per head per night depending on location, size and quality.

How does the booking process work?

Once you have decided to let your home, we will circulate details of it to prospective visitors as and when they enquire. If you have agreed to have the details on the internet (without the address of course) potential visitors can search the database.

Once they have expressed an interest we will collect full details from them as to who they are, and what they want, and we will contact you to see if you are interested in having them as visitors in your home.

If you agree, we will send them a booking form and ask for a deposit which is non-refundable. Then, once the deposit has been received we send a contract to the visitor and a contract to the landlord. Once these have been signed, each party retains their own signed copy of it.

Six weeks before the let commences we collect the balance of the monies and a damage deposit (currently 50 pounds per head minimum 250 pounds). We ask you to let us have keys 2 weeks before the let and we arrange for handover at the appointed time. After the let, we ask you to check the house to see that there is no damage or loss, and if all is in order we refund the damage deposit to the visitor.

How do I prepare my house?

The visitor is coming to stay in a home from home, the basis of which is that it is ready to move into with linen and towels provided. There is not a requirement to provide any food and drinks, although a welcome pack is well received. We recommend that you remove and store any personal and precious items, but do not feel that you have to remove everything. We leave CD’s, DVD’s etc. and have never had a problem.

Cleanliness is paramount. We pride ourselves on having only top quality properties and visitors expect everything to be in order, house clean, grass cut, windows cleaned etc. The better condition you leave your house in, the better it will be returned to you.

What about damage?

In the unlikely event of damage, we hold a damage bond which as mentioned above is 50 pounds per head per night, minimum 250 pounds. We will contact you after the let in writing with a form to be completed. If simple then you return the form with receipts for any breakages and we will deduct these before return of the damage bond to the visitor. If there is any dispute then we will do our best to act as intermediary.

Introducing Regattalets

Regattalets is a local marine accommodation agency based in the beautiful sailing town of Cowes, Cowes is also famously known as the 'Mecca' of sailing. Regattalets was founded in Cowes on the Isle of Wight in 2004 by Andrea Vaughan who is a Cowes based agent. Andrea is a keen sailor and understands the importance of booking the right property for yacht owners/crew, corporate clients and family holidays in Cowes.

Regattalets provides accommodation in Cowes with (No Agency fees) for crews, yacht owners, yacht skippers, sailing guests and their families as well as professional racing teams.

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